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The most common cases why you would want to join us

During your student life there will be many situations where you will be facing the need of help. Our system offers a complex help accessable whenever and from anywhere. All this by giving you access to contributions and answers of those, who know the best: classmates, students, colleagues, thus those who once were in a similiar situation.

Model situations:

    I'm going to an exam an don't know what to expect:
  • What kind of questions will I be asked?
    The section documents provides you with sample questions, assignments, further in forum you can always ask.
  • What's the usual course of the exam?
    I can check the forum or look at the references.

    I'm looking for documents of various sorts :
  • I missed some lectures?
    The section documents and there notes from lectures.
  • I'm making my preparation for an exam, has it perhaps been done before?
    Search documents.
  • Essays, cheat sheets (at your own risk:])

    I'm selecting my classes, but can't decide what to choose :
  • What was the class like? What will it be about, is the official syllabus sufficient?
    Class references.
  • What was the diffuculty of getting the credits?
    Teacher/class references.
  • What were the requirements to get the credits?
    Class references.

    I'm selecting my classes, but can't decide which teacher I want:
  • What is his teaching style? Fun, boring, verbal and nonverbal characteristics, simply whatever is worth noting.
    Teacher references.
  • How strictly does a teacher grade?
    Teacher references.

And many others...