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Our mission

MATROŠ.CZ is a student community system which helps college students in their studying by means of sharing documents, notes from lectures, other experiences and similiar information from student life (see USAGE CASES). The pages is sort of unoffical website of students. Matroš is dedicated exclusively to students, we keep strict rules and have a control system to prevent access of teachers.

We are trying to develop the system in the way that it provides easy readability, simplicity and effectivness. We keep focus on continous improvement - always taking into account the ideas and wishes of our users. Moreover, Matroš is as a principle without any adds.

Our history and achievements

The first time our system was launched was in autumn 2006 at the university VŠFS in Prague. In its existence the system has travelled quite a long way, there is over 9000 students registered at VŠFS which makes it the biggest website for students of VŠFS. At the same moment we have exceeded the milestone of 5000 users at MUP and VŠO where Matroš is the primary student system and therefore an important tool for studying. Overall the number of our users passed the milestone of 25000 and keep growing!

We could say that Matroš is spreading in waves:

We are looking forward to work with students of other universities!

Are you interested in more?

It is possible that at your university there is a similiar system, but from experience we are firmly convinced that our system has better readibility and is more efficient, as a result will give you a better help in your studying.

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